Kamm & Sons Islay Cask

Islay-Cask-Crop (1)Kamm & Sons Islay Cask is now available! Based on the original Kamm & Sons botanical spirit distillate, Kamm & Sons Islay Cask is blended to a stronger 43% abv; the 3 month ‘resting’ period in a single Islay whisky barrel brings out the woodier and earthier notes of the botanicals, whilst also softening the spirit and giving it a smooth, subtle but noticeable peatiness from the whisky. Only 500 bottles have been produced so you had better be quick if you want to pick up a bottle! Buy now from: www.masterofmalt.com

You can drink Islay Cask neat over ice, or in cocktails. Try this simple recipe:




Grosvenor #2

Method: Stirred and served straight up in a cocktail glass

Garnish: Lemon zest

50ml Kamm & Sons

25ml Punt e Mes

Kammerlings Bk