The world’s best bar-crawl?

Tales of the Cocktail_The American Bar at the Savoy_Erik Lorincz_credit Fairmont Hotels

Think of it as the Olympics of the drinks industry. Tales of the Cocktail’s 10th annual Spirited Awards touched down in New Orleans recently to hand out accolades to the most talented folk in the industry. Out of 19 International awards, London cocktail bars swooped up 7 of them, another 3 Brits picking up Best… Read more »

Tipples & Nibbles – contemporary food-pairing for modern aperitivo


Aperitif culture comes to us from the continent, and classic aperitif food pairings therefore skew Mediterranean: think olives, cured meats, crostini, even arancini. But for modern British aperitifs – which depart from traditional recipes with bold new flavours, exotic ingredients, and other innovative twists – what should be the snacking serves of choice? For a… Read more »

World Class: An Interview with Hawksmoor’s Ali Reynolds


London boasts some of the planet’s best bartending talent and we are proud to be friends with one of the hottest. We caught up with world-class finalist and all-round nice guy, Ali Reynolds to ask him about what lies in store for London’s drinking scene. From humble beginnings bartending whilst at university in Nottingham, Reynolds… Read more »

The Rise of the Modern British Aperitif


When it comes to aperitif culture, Britain may have been slow off the mark compared to our continental neighbours (blame the weather). But in the last few months alone, we’ve welcomed the launch of several new spirits and liqueurs that are redefining how we spend those magical hours in between work and dinnertime. The new… Read more »

Wintry cocktails from London’s top bartenders

Hot Kammberry with bottle

We know people. We know people who know people…and those people know how to make drinks! So we twisted the arms of some of London’s most creative, talented bartenders and asked them to come up with a seasonal Kamm & Sons cocktail for us which ticks the wintry box –  DO try these at home…. Read more »

Kamm & Sons Islay Cask


Kamm & Sons Islay Cask is now available! Based on the original Kamm & Sons botanical spirit distillate, Kamm & Sons Islay Cask is blended to a stronger 43% abv; the 3 month ‘resting’ period in a single Islay whisky barrel brings out the woodier and earthier notes of the botanicals, whilst also softening the… Read more »

Inside the History of the Aperitif

Toasting . Aperitif Time

The aperitif is a drink of exceptional beginnings. Enjoyed during a brief window in the late afternoon – following the indignities of the workday, and ideally preceding a generous evening feast – aperitifs are palate-whetters and appetite stimulants by design. Few traditions are so deliciously reviving. Though aperitifs are always quaffed during this transitional time… Read more »